Maître chocolatier
David Pasquiet

Un instant avec David...


David Pasquiet’s training from his previous job as a pastry chef and cook gave him a finely tuned sense of how to marry flavours and textures. A bold innovator, David is passionate about chocolate and never hesitates to offer up surprising combinations that are sometimes unlikely, but always irresistible. Once you’ve tried our Las Lomas chocolate with red Kampot pepper, our almonds with fleur de sel and caramel, or our ganache and Chobricot sweets, you’ll see that David Pasquiet is a true magician. Thanks to David, even the purists don’t dare turn their noses up at white chocolate. His coffee and cardamom chocolate bars and coated almonds with chilli and coconut never fail to win them over.

But David Pasquiet’s signature as an artisanal chocolate-maker – the little detail that makes all the difference – is his artistic sensibility and creativity. At L’Instant Chocolat, David puts on a dazzling display, then sweeps us off towards heavenly delights.

France Massy, newspaper Le Nouvelliste



Making chocolate is not so much a science as a rigorous art form – one that drives us to outdo ourselves every day to meet your expectations. Your enjoyment of our products is both our reward and our credo!



We are constantly reassessing how we do things to ensure we can offer you original products of the highest quality.


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