The universe

  1. Caramel Truffle

    A caramelised Bolivia 38% emulsion with a heart of smooth caramel.


  2. Blackcurrant & Honey

    An emulsion of Blackcurrants from Burgundy & Chermignon honey.



    Strawberry & coconut milk

    Valaisan strawberry emulsion with lime & coconut milk.


  4. Raspberry & Ginger

     An emulsion of raspberries from "Domaine du Tilley" with fresh ginger.


  5. Exotic & Yogurt

    Exotic fruit jelly with a Greek yogurt emulsion.


  6. Menton Lemon 

    Menton lemon emulsion.


  7. Matcha Tea & Kalamansi

    An emulsion of Matcha tea from Kyoto with confit Kalamansi juice & vanilla from Madagascar.


  8. Grapefruit & Cinnamon

    Pink grapefruit juice with an emulsion of Sri Lankan Alba cinnamon.


  9. Palm Sugar Caramel

    Palm sugar caramel with salt from Marrakech. 


  10. Mojito

    A mojito-style emulsion. [ALCOHOL]


  11. Grand Cru Las Lomas

    An emulsion of Grand Cru 69% from Puerta Pulache, Peru.


  12. Tangerine Cheesecake

    A cheesecake-style emulsion made with Tangerine from Tardivo Di Ciaculli & crispy speculoos. [CINNAMON] [GLUTEN]


  13. Fig & Balsamic Vinegar

    An emulsion of figs from Solliès, perfumed with DOP 25-year-old Acetaia del Cristo balsamic vinegar from Modena.


  14. Cocoa juice

    Cocoa juice emulsion with fresh basil.


  15. Apricot & almond milk

    A valasian abricot emulsion with almond milk.


  16. ‘Tiramisù’

    An Ethiopian Sidamo coffee emulsion with Amaretto Disaronno-infused mascarpone. [ALCOHOL]


  17. Tatin pie

    An emulsion of caramelised apples made with palm sugar & cinnamon. [GLUTEN] [ALMONDS]


  18. Kavalan Whisky

    A emulsion Grand Cru Fortunato from Peru & Kavalan whisky, single malt, Sherry Oak. [ALCOHOL]


  19. Madagascar & Java

    Grand Crus Madagascar 64% & Java 64%.


  20. Passionfruit

    A soft blend between a Bolivian 38% & an Equatorian 72% Grand Crus infused with passionfruit.


  21. ‘Choc intense’

    An emulsion of Venezuelan 65% Grand Cru cocoa with salted butter & its crunchy cocoa beans. 


  22. Fior di latte

    "Fior di latte" emulsion.


  23. pistachio Praline

    Pistachio from Bronte (Sicily) praline.


  24. ‘Cru Sauvage 60H’

    An emulsion of Bolivian 68% Grand Cru, 60 hours of conching.


  25. Heart of Las Lomas 80%

    An emulsion made with 80% cocoa beans from Piura Porcelana, Puerta Pulache, Peru.


  26. Raspberry & Tasmanian Pepper

    A "Domaine du Tilley" raspberry emulsion with Tasmanian pepperberries.


  27. Fairy Tea

    A green & white tea infusion with flowers petals, mango & bergamot.


  28. Vanilla Caviar

    A white emulsion with vanilla from Madagascar.


  29. crunchy Praline

    A crunchy praline made with Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from Langhe.

  30. avocado & Estragon avocado with tarragon 

    Avocado emulsion and tarragon infusion.

  31. Davalrone

    Caramel emulsion with Davalrone, the Daval Hill Amaron.