*Smile by Laura Chaplin

*Smile by Laura Chaplin

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Laughter does not just make life simpler, it makes it healthier.

ALL ingredients contain Tryptophan, an amino acid that helps boost te production of serotonin the "feel-good hormone".

Dark and milk chocolate with dried and nutty fruits

ingredient : Banana, cranberries, goji berries, cherry, almond, pistachio, pignons, hazelnuts, Dark Las Lomas 69%: Shelled cocoa beans* (Blanco, Peru), cane sugar* (South America), cocoa butter* (Dominican Republic). Contains at least 69% cocoa. Las Lomas 42%: cane sugar*, cocoa butter* (Dominican Republic), whole milk powder* (Switzerland), shelled cocoa beans* (Peru). Contains at least 42% cocoa.

  • contain traces of milk, almonds, hazelnuts.
  • Net weight 180g.