Chuao 68% 54H (Venezuela)

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Taste profile


Pronounced cocoa, espresso coffee, mild tobacco, ripe blackberries, lime, pink grapefruit.


Origin and history


The small village of Chuao is located in the state of Aragua in northern Venezuela, near the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

This place was already populated in the 16th century and since then cocoa has been grown here. At present, the area remote from the growing area is 130 ha and can only be reached by boat by sea or on foot through the dense rainforest.

Every year, a very small amount of cocoa is cultivated by 100 families, grouped together in a local cooperative called "la Empresa Campesina de Chuao". This volume of about 15 tons is sold to selected customers all over the world. Experts agree that the exceptional taste profile is not only due to the genetic variety of cocoa but also to the ancestral work of processing the cocoa before and after the beans are harvested.

Chuao beans are among the rarest, noblest and therefore most expensive cocoa beans in the world. We are therefore fortunate to be able to market 1% of the total Chuao cocoa harvest.

Shelled cocoa beans 56% (Venezuela), cane sugar* (Argentina, Paraguay), cocoa butter. Min. 68% cocoa.

May contain traces of milk, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, gluten.

  • Net weight : 90 gr
  • Store between 15°C and 22°C